In this module:

  • GribMessage

  • Section

Defines a lightweight wrapper class to wrap a single GRIB message.

class iris_grib.message.GribMessage(raw_message, recreate_raw, file_ref=None)

An in-memory representation of a GribMessage, providing access to the data() payload and the metadata elements by section via the sections() property.

static messages_from_filename(filename)

Return a generator of GribMessage instances; one for each message in the supplied GRIB file.


  • filename (string):

    Name of the file to generate fields from.

property data

The data array from the GRIB message as a dask Array.

The shape of the array will match the logical shape of the message’s grid. For example, a simple global grid would be available as a 2-dimensional array with shape (Nj, Ni).

property sections

Return the key-value pairs of the message keys, grouped by containing section.

Sections in a message are indexed by GRIB section-number, and values in a section are indexed by key strings.

class iris_grib.message.Section(message_id, number, keys)

A Section of a GRIB message, supporting dictionary like access to attributes using gribapi key strings.

Values for keys may be changed using assignment but this does not write to the file.


Get the computed value associated with the given key in the GRIB message.


  • key:

    The GRIB key to retrieve the value of.

Returns the value associated with the requested key in the GRIB message.


Return coded keys available in this Section.