Release Notes

What’s new in iris-grib v0.13

Date:15 Jun 2018


  • Added saving of data on Hybrid Pressure levels (surface type 119 in code table 4.5).

  • Added loading and saving of data on Hybrid Height levels (surface type 118 in code table 4.5).

  • Added loading and saving of data using Mercator projection (grid definition template 10 in template table 3.1)


    Loading and saving for the Mercator projection is only available using iris versions greater than 2.1.0.

  • Added saving for data on irregular, non-rotated grids (grid definition template 4 in template table 3.1)

  • Added release notes for versions since 0.9.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug with loading data on Hybrid Pressure levels (surface types 105 and 119 in code table 4.5). Previously, all hybrid coordinate values, in both ‘level_pressure’ and ‘sigma’ coordinates, were loaded from the next level up, i.e. (model_level_number + 1).


    This changes loading behaviour for data on hybrid pressure levels only. This is an incompatible change, but the coefficent values previously returned were essentially useless, with some values missing.

What’s new in iris-grib v0.12

Date:25 Oct 2017

Updated to work with ecCodes as its interface to GRIB files. This is ECMWF’s replacement for the older GRIB-API, which is now deprecated.

What’s new in iris-grib v0.11

Date:25 Oct 2017

Update for Iris v2.0+, using dask in place of biggus for deferred loading.

What’s new in iris-grib v0.9

Date:25 Jul 2016

Stable release of iris-grib to support iris v1.10